The Constantino Scholarship is named in memory of the Buffalo native and SUNY Cortland graduate George Constantino. George was already a well established coach in the Syracuse area before the Syracuse Track Club was established. He started teaching at Ed Smith followed by W. H. Smith schools before moving to Nottingham High School. While at Nottingham, George became a physical education teacher as well as the track and X-C coach. 

George lead his Nottingham Bulldogs to countless City, League, Section, and State titles. The next time you are in the Nottingham gym you will have to count all of banners that hang in proof of these accomplishments. 

George established the Tuesday night runs at Nottingham in the mid-1970's and was involved in establishing the Chargers' youth running program. At that time momentum was building for the formation of club for runners of all ages and with that the Syracuse Track Club (STC) was born in the June of 1977. 

A man of few words, George quickly demonstrated his zeal for STC being in on the ground floor of the club's formation. He ran under STC's banner, served on its board, lent his coaching and organizational skills to STC events, and he enlivened club picnics with his wife Janet, daughters Kim and Jody, and his beloved golden retrievers. 

George was a dedicated runner in his own right. He once held a streak of over 1000 consecutive days running. George was also known for his cynical humor. He did not suffer fools lightly. His immortal words to a miscreant runner, "turn in your uniform," were irrevocable. The team bus always left "at eight o'clock sharp," once leaving behind Nottingham's principal!

The Syracuse running community suffered a great lost when George suffered a fatal heart attack in May of 1987 while teaching. The DeWitt Community Church was packed for his service. There were countless "George" stories shared that afternoon.   

Much has happened to STC since 1987 and many current members have not had the privilege of knowing George. It is with our respect for this quiet, accomplished teacher, coach and friend that we award college scholarships each year in his everlasting memory. 

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