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Battle At Bristol!!!

Since the Grumpy Old Mountain Men have been marching all over New England, some thought was given to the idea of actually competing and winning in our own USATF region. Like many such notions, it seemed like a good idea at the time….

The team traveled south of Canandaigua to tackle the 10k event in the Battle of Bristol Mountain. This served as the USATF Niagara Mountain Championships. They were joined there by Chip O’Hara and Kathy Wheeler, as well as some of our good friends from GVH, Bergen Elite, and Roadkill Racing.

Spoiler alert – the Supervet Men finished both first and last in their division. Chip O’Hara helped the Open Team scoring tremendously by finishing 4th overall and leading the Open Team to a 3rd place finish. Jim Foster was the 1st Masters Male and also the top Masters Age-Graded Male. Kathy was 2nd in her age group.

In the day’s top stories –

1.) who the hell STARTS a race IN JULY at 11:00 AM?!?!

2.) Could Foster’s victory be attributed to him somehow inexplicably missing the junk food stop at the 4 ½ mile point?

3.) Could Kathy Wheeler’s time have been better is she didn’t stop for her junk food stop, as well as staying long enough at the stop to account for the time Foster would have taken?

4.) How badly did the team miss Lee Berube, who was off winning a 30k trail race in the Catskills and “That Todd Guy” Baum, who was winning his age group in a little 100 mile race in Ohio?

5.) Note to self – steep downhills hurt more than steep uphills.

6.) Doug Wood – lost his truck keys in his truck after the race.

7.) Ted Larison – shows up for the race in “resort wear” straight out of GQ, kills it at the race, and calmly changes back into Mr. Fashion.

Next Tour Stops – Mount Greylock in Massachusetts on Labor Day weekend, followed by the USATF National Mountain Championships at Waterville Valley, NH at the end of September.

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