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Lee Berube Victorious At the Loon Mountain Race & Grumpy Old Mountain Men Win Team Title Again

The looks on the faces of the New England runners were ones of resignation as the STC team disembarked from their vehicles at the Loon Mountain Race this past Sunday. One runner asked, “Are you all here? Did you bring Berube?” When both questions were answered affirmatively, he just shook his head sadly and walked away. Such was the welcome for the STC at what is the 3rd largest mountain race in the country, and largest in the East.

Loon offers a bit of everything in 6.5 miles – gravel roads, single track, grass ski trails, and most importantly, two monster climbs in the 2nd half of the race, the first about a mile and a half long with the average grade of 17%, topping out at over 30%, and the 2nd - the famous finish - Upper Walking Boss, a half mile or more up a grass ski slope with an average grade of 40%. Upper Walking Boss is so severe that the race sets a timing mat at the bottom of the climb and does a split time from there to the finish, with additional awards given to the fastest split time.

Lee Berube moved up from his 5th place finish last year to win the race by almost 2 minutes. He also won the award for climbing Upper Walking Boss the fastest. Lee has become famous on the circuit this year. When Pat Riccardi finished the race he was announced as “being from the same running club as Lee Berube”.

The STC Supervets were led once again by Todd Baum who was 3rd in the 60-69 category, followed closely by Jim Foster in 4th (Jim was the 1st person in the 65-69, if they had broken things out that way). Doug Wood rounded out the team in 19th. Both Jim and Doug improved upon their times from 2 years ago. Mr. Riccardi and Mr. Mullen rounded out the scoring. Although not yet announced, the math very clearly indicates that the STC Supervets again won the team Supervet title. With two races remaining, the team is virtually assured of winning the series team title.

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