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STC Supervet “Grumpy Old Men” Mountain Race Team

The STC Supervet “Grumpy Old Men” Mountain Race Team racked up another team victory at the Mount Ascutney Mountain Race on Saturday the 8th. This race featured 2200 feet of elevation gain over about a 6k distance.

Player-Coach Pat Riccardi has established a mystical zen-savant approach to his use of his team, holding back Ted Larison from the series until this past weekend when Doug Wood was unavailable, springing Ted on a completely unsuspecting and unprepared New England running community. What will they say at Mount Washington, when they found out that we has been holding out one of our top two guys, Mr. Cummins until that race? The team swept the top three spots in the supervet men category, led by Todd “that Todd Guy” Baum, Jim “Doughnuts” Foster, and Ted “Everybody’s Hero” Larison. Mr. Riccardi performed very well, while Dave found that running a mountain race on 8 miles a week training and one knee might not be optimal.

So…besides a car full of at least 9 college and post-graduate degrees taking 6 hours to plan how to get 15 people from the bottom of Mount Washington, to the top, and back down, what else happened? Riccardi and Baum debated the merits of different diets and food groups, highlighted by this Baum comment - “Vegan diets are fine, as long as you supplement them with meat”.

Jim Foster a.) according the race directors, had not entered the race, b.) had to take a short term loan, as the day of race entries were cash only c.) didn’t have his USATF number with him (rescued by Riccardi) and d.) left with the key fob and 3 doors locked, causing the rest of the team to set off his car alarm with no way to stop it, That’s no way to spend the day after National Doughnut Day!

The team is finally getting noticed by the other New England teams. Jim Foster was asked “Did you guys bring ‘that Todd Guy’ again this week?” Can the Hoka One-One sponsorship deal be far behind?

Next up – Mount Washington, where Mr. Cummins and Mr. Theobald join the party. No series points, just the glory of running for the same club and being on the same team as Lee Berube. 7.7 miles, 4600 feet of vertical, expected windchill of 30 degrees or lower at the top – what could go wrong?

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