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STC SuperVets Win Mountain Race!!!

For the first time since being asked to leave the state and never come back, the STC invaded the state of Vermont as a contingent of the STC Supervets Men’s Team traveled together to the Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race outside of Burlington VT. This was the 1st of 8 events in the USATF N.E. Mountain Race Series. The club had 5 participants – Mr. Baum, Mr. Foster, Mr. Mullen, Mr. Pat Riccardi, and Mr. Wood.

The course was a 3 loop ascent and descent of different parts of the mountain, totaling approximately 6.4 miles. The one consistent part of the course was mud – gooey, slippery, deep, running shoe sucking mud. There was not a single step that could be taken without planning the foot plant and push off, or as an alternative on the steeper parts of the downhills, your “plant and slide” technique.

The team was led by Todd Baum and Jim Foster, who both followed up successful races in the previous weekend. They finished 5th and 6th in the age group. Doug Wood finished 16th, Pat Riccardi was 21st, followed by Dave Mullen in 22nd. Dave managed to narrowly beat out the competitor in the age group that was a DNF. Additional scorecard notes – Doug Wood led the team in falls with 4, Jim led in most tree hugs to avoid falls with 5, and Dave was the muddiest (Pat suggested that this was due to “most surface area”). Pat also claims to have gone off course, which accounted for Dave not being that far behind him. As there were no witnesses…

Now to the important stuff – the team won the 60+ Team competition! We also somehow finished 4th in the Open Men competition.

Conversation on the return trip centered on three topics:

1. Was Baum’s 12 second victory over Foster attributable to his high protein pre-race meal compared to Foster’s doughnut based diet, or were Foster’s running Boston 5 days before and starting this race in the back of the pack bigger factors?

2. Did Riccardi really get off-course, so he was really ahead of Mullen by 4 minutes? If the downhills were not soupy messes, would Mullen been able to employ his strength – gravity enhanced downhill running to actually beat Riccardi?

3. What is this strange attraction that Foster and Wood have with the Hillbilly Fun Park in Fort Ann NY?

There are 7 more races to go, so there is more time to join the fun. Do a web search for USATF NE Mountain Race Series and you can get more details. Anyone that completes 6 of the races gets to bypass the lottery entry process for Mount Washington the following year. By the way, the STC is sending 9 runners to Mount Washington this year, including last year’s 4th place overall finisher, Lee Berube.

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