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Super Vets Undefeated!!!

Mountain Men Victorious Again

The STC “Grumpy Old Mountain Men” Tour continued on its path of destruction through the USATF New England Mountain Race Series this Memorial Day Weekend, adding Massachusetts to its list of vanquished states at the Wachusetts Mountain Road Race.

This race was 3 miles and a little bit, all uphill for the series racing points, with an optional 3.25 miles or so back down to the bottom. The team was led by Jim “Doughnuts” Foster, who finished 2nd in the age group by 3 seconds over Todd “Sausage and Eggs” Baum, with Doug Wood rounding out the scoring in 9th. Pat Riccardi and Dave “Wounded Knee” Mullen added much needed points so that the team could score in the Men’s Open Division. The top three were kind enough to wait for Pat and Dave at the top, so that we could work our way down to the bottom.

The STC once again won the Male Supervet team competition, and were actually 4th in the Male Veterans competition. We have also managed to score in the Open division in 2 of the three races thus far.

And now for the real stories…the team was meeting at 4:00 AM at exit 34 on the Thruway. Dave pulled into the Savon gas station to pick up some doughnuts and beef jerky, to keep everyone happy. He pulled out of the gas station, and into the park and ride area, and found himself spotlighted by a car with a lot of flashing red lights. News Flash – it is a stop sign, not a yield sign pulling out of the Savon. After being ordered back into the car, the officer asked what we were doing. When told that we were meeting to go do a mountain race, she asked “Like a Spartan Race? I’ve done one of those!” Well, not exactly, but if it keeps from getting a ticket, then “Yep, just like that”.

After that, the ride out regressed into Jim Foster devouring virtually the entire bag of Little Debbie’s Chocolate Mini-Doughnuts, but only after texting a picture of the bag to Todd Baum. A text war ensued, which eventually went south when Todd texted a shirtless picture of himself extolling the virtues of his protein diet. Jim responded by being our first team member in the race, and then stuffing his pockets at the post race party with every Ho-Ho, Ding-Dong, and cookie that was available (and there were a lot).

Jim and Dave also endured the Dr. Pat lecture on the dangers of taking ibuprofen before strenuous exercise. Dave decided to only take 3 instead of his usual 4, and his time suggests that his exercise was not strenuous.

On the way back, Doug previewed the next three races (Ascutney, Mount Washington, and Loon). After listening to him describe being blown backward by the wind, and possibly having to crawl parts of the last kilometer of Loon, a job in sales may not be in his future…

Random statistics: number of falls – 0, a new low. Bathroom stops along the way – 2, a new low.

Next up – Ascutney on June 8th, 2300 feet of vertical in 6k. It’s not too late to get in on the fun! We can use more people to improve our team scores!

The Mountain Men at it again!

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