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Super Vets win again!!!

A contingent of the STC Supervet Men’s Team traveled to Wilton NH for race #2 of the USATF New England Mountain Race Series on May 5th, which unfortunately conflicted with our beloved Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Race. This race was 10 miles, all on roads, with a vast majority of the race being uphill, ending at the summit of Pack Monadnock Mountain. Net elevation gain for the race was about 1860 feet, with about 1040 of that gain coming in the final two miles.

Todd Baum again led the way, finishing 2nd in the age group, followed closely by Doug Wood in 5th. Pat Riccardi and Dave Mullen held their own on the course, providing much needed team points.

Bottom line – the team was once again 1st in the Supervets Men category – Dave is claiming credit for the team victory – by getting ahead of Pat for much of the race, he motivated him to push harder, passing Dave in the final ¾ of a mile. Team points are determined by an aggregate point total of each finisher’s percentage relationship to the winner’s time – therefore, aggregate team time, not necessarily placement determines the wining team. Our team is now 2 for 2 in the series.

The team was rewarded with a great view of all of New England at the top – no, wait, that’s not true. It was drizzling and foggy and we could barely even see the sign that said “Boston Viewing Area”, not to mention the view. What we really got to do was walk/jog/traverse down the last steep mile and a quarter, back to cars parked in what appears to be a race series requirement – a sea of mud.

Thanks to Ann Mullen for hiking to the top so that she could take pictures.

Next up – Wachusetts Mountain in Massachusetts on Memorial Day Weekend. Join the fun! With a couple of more people we can also do some damage in the Open, Masters, and Veterans categories.

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